daniele molineris daniele molineris


I was born in 1980, I like photography in every possible aspect and that's probably why I have no preferred subject. I have no papers telling you how good I am but I have a portfolio you can watch. I've been a graphic designer for a while and I'm not tired neither bored yet. I like sports but never felt the drive to start one. I do not eat gorgonzola cheese but I really do eat everything else (almost everything, ok). I'm good in making tiramisù cake. My mood changes every hour, I like to travel and I'm curious. If you want to meet me at my studio, bring some good, dark chocolate and I will make a good, dark coffe, but please email me before you come knocking at my door.

daniele molineris
via dei pini, 17 - 12012 Boves [CN]
tel. +39.338.7007065
e-mail daniele.molineris@gmail.com

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